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Successful businesses are constantly seeking new solutions and technologies to reduce costs, minimizing down time and maximizing productivity. Could automatic lubrication be a solution?



Studies have shown that inappropriate lubrication represents 53% of all bearing failures, a major cause for downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs which consists of replacing parts. The labor to repair and replace the bearings, the unforeseen downtime and the impact of respecting delivery to clients. The primary cause of these breakdowns are caused by contamination, dust, dirt and humidity or insufficient greasing applied to the bearings.


Inefficient manual lubrication can lead to over lubricating that can lead to indirect costs, which is very true. Wasting lubricant, environmental problems, security problems or maintenance and higher labor costs.


The automatic lubrication system helps to eliminate unforeseen and unnecessary expenses. An automatic lubrication system lubricates many points on a machine from a pump/centralized unit placed in an accessible place. Specifically for mobile and fixed construction equipment, a system distributes small quantities of grease at frequent intervals, while your equipment is running, by maintaining a consistent amount of grease being distributed to the bearings at all times and seals which prevents dirt and contaminants to infiltrate in the bearings. This is a contrast with the conditions of lack of grease often associated with manual lubrication done by the operator if and when he has time or feels like it.




The numerous advantages of using an automatic lubrication system:



The security of personnel in the work area today is essential. An ALS reduces and eliminates the operator from climbing on the machine and crawling under the machine or in difficult to reach areas.


Efficient Lubrication

An automatic lubrication system applies grease while the machine is operating, which signifies less downtime and when the bearings are in action all internal surfaces of the bearings are continuously exposed and benefits for a better application of grease.


Better Lubrication

Grease application is more efficient when distributed in measured quantities on short and frequent intervals. Unfortunately with strict delivery schedules, the constraints of labor and relocating the equipment makes it impossible to grease manually. The equipment is greased when available and if there is someone who has time to do it.


Better maintenance

Numerous traditionalists over grease by pumping the grease up to the bearing until it overflows. As previously indicated, frequent and small measured quantities will give the bearings a better protection. In addition to over/under greasing, you will have less overflow. The end results is less waste and contamination on your equipment, or construction site. The security (dangers of slipping) and the environmental problems play an important role related to over greasing.


Less down time, reduced maintenance costs and reduced parts replaced

The time and labor constraints makes it impossible to respect the required greasing of the machine. Preventative maintenance supplied by an ALS is undeniable good for respecting the required lubrication, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime by prolonging the lifespan of numerous axles, rings and components on the equipment. You will also be stocking less replacement parts related to greasing.


General increase in productivity

Resulting in an increased availability of the machine and a reduction of downtime due to a breakdown or general maintenance.


Longer lifespan and greater re-sale value

Given that the bearing surfaces are always protected and that your machine in general will be better maintained.


Helping the environment

Less premature wear of the bearings and other significant components, less parts to replace. Most of all seeing as you are not over lubricating by greasing manually, there is less environmental contamination.




Security tools


Range limiting device

Designed to program a height limit and a rotation limit (left, right). Depth indicator and Multi-angle (2) available

Backup camera

Designed for heavy machinery, NBS cameras diminishes restricted vision and serious accidents for the operator.

360° Camera system

Panoramic camera system that provides a true surround vision of driving with 1080P HD image.

Pedestrian detection system (AI Camera)

Intelligent pedestrian detection camera that adopts deep learning technology (DEEP Learning) to detect pedestrians in real time

Self-adjusting white noise Back-up alarm

Reversing alarms are intended to alert people near vehicles when they step back. They prevent serious and even fatal accidents.

Radar detection system

High frequency radar technology 77GHz to detect object.

Collision avoidance system (Smart 3D vision)

Intelligent on-board camera which helps to prevent collisions between construction machinery and pedestrians/object. To enable real time detection of pedestrian!

Safety device for dump truck & trailer

Warning system for raised dumper & trailers & Security system which prevents overturning


Production tools


Automatic lubrication systems

Assures a continuous lubrication at fixed intervals to all greasing points and maximize performance in eliminating lost time due to shut down for maintenance and repair.

Weighing system

On board weighing system with touch display. Allows an easy and precise on-the-spot weighing. These rugged systems are designed for reliable and precise operation in harsh environments in continuous duty.

Tire sealant

OKO Puncture Free eliminates puncture by sealing them the moment they happen. OKO is specially formulated to provide long-term puncture protection for industrial, agricultural, commercial and military vehicles.

Laser guidance

The Guidance Laser uses an ultra-high visibility green laser to establish visual line control .

Semi-synthetic grease

Groupe Alltech EP-1.5 Semi-synthetic grease is a general-purpose grease formulated specifically to meet the requirements for moderate to heavy loads.

Lubrication for hydraulic hammer

Graissage automatique monté sur MARTEAU Hydraulique

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Allfett automatic greasing system on a Komatsu HM300 articulated truck
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We are presently seeking serious partners with experience; enthusiasm and willing to grow their own company with a strong emphasis on customer...
Allfett automatic lubrication system on a Hitachi ZX670 excavator
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Hitachi ZX670 excavator equipped with an Allfett lubrication system.   The installation was made by « Groupe Alltech »; authorized distributor for...
The Alltech Group is looking for distributors in Northern United States
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We are presently seeking serious partners with experience; enthusiasm and willing to grow their own company with a strong emphasis on customer...


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