Proven Puncture Protection for mining, quarrying, construction & Heavy vehicles


Reducing costs is a top priority for operators of large vehicles and a puncture can lead to big problems. Vehicles are a key element of business and just one puncture can throw smoothly planned operations into chaos!



Multiply downtime and related costs by the number of punctures suffered each year and it quickly adds up to significant money. And, if any run flat situation destroys a tire casing, it will cost even more! In fact, in the construction industry, tire failure accounts for more vehicle downtime than any other single cause.



OKO OFF Road and OKO Mining tire sealants are advanced sealants comprising specially treated constituents, rust inhibitors, preservatives, gums and cutting-edge powders, held in suspension to provide a carefully engineered matrix.


How much downtime and extra costs due to punctures, can you expect with OKO? 

Zilch. Nothing. Nada


No downtime

Because, OKO Puncture Free Tire Sealants PREVENT punctures - as they happen. OKO seals a puncture permanently as you drive, with a seal stronger than a vulcanised repair. OKO provides long term protection for Industrial, Construction, Mining, Quarry & Commercial Tires.




  • Eliminates expensive downtime of vehicles & idle operators.
  • Reduces expensive call-out charges and puncture repair costs.
  • Increases the useful life of a tire.
  • Effective for all un-ballasted pneumatic tires.
  • Due to a multi-sealing capability, it seals hole after hole, with minimum pressure loss, again and again.
  • Reduces the occurrence of tire damage caused by run-flat situations.
  • Helps combat tire under-inflation.
  • Lasts the useful life of a tire thus giving long-standing protection.
  • Suitable for all heavy vehicles and pneumatic tires.
  • OKO Tire sealants are safe to use & harmless to tire structures and rubber. COSHH friendly. Non-Flammable and Non-Hazardous. OKO is safe to handle and store. No special training required in its use.  




Don't wait until problems occur!

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