Did you know? The Alltech Group offers custom repair kits?

Large inventory in Montreal!


Did you know? The Alltech Group has a large inventory of parts, hoses and accessories for lubrication systems for all brands of greasing systems. 





Hoses and loom

• High pressure hoses (polyurethane)

• Polyamide hoses

• Stainless steel hoses

• Braided steel hoses

• Plastic loom hose protector

• Steel loom hose protector


Spares parts

• Adapters of all kinds for all system brands

• Reusable compression fittings

• Push lock fittings



• Filling nozzle & gun

• Junction block

• Pressure gauge

• Filling lubrication filter

• And more.


KIT pressure gauge + connection hoses for pressure test 



Repair kits 


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