In a difficult global financial context, companies are constantly searching for solutions to keep their equipment inventory up to date and always be at the leading edge of technology, so that they can remain leaders in their respective industries.


The Alltech Group now offers Leasing for all products offered. 

Our objective is to help entrepreneurs and self-employed workers to obtain custom financial services. 



What is leasing?

Leasing is a very popular financing method among companies purchasing equipment commonly called assets or capital assets. The equipment is financed by equal monthly instalments for terms of 24 to 66 months, with end-of contract options meeting the need you may have to acquire the equipment at the end of the term. In addition, those installments are recognized as a tax expenditure. Leasing thus offers you several advantages.


The advantages of leasing:

Companies are currently searching for ways to preserve their working capital. Leasing doesn’t affect your line of credit, which remains intact; moreover, leasing doesn’t affect the borrowing capacity of individuals if collateral is required from either self-employed workers or startups. It should also be noted that you don’t pay taxes when purchasing the equipment. They’re levied on the instalments and you will be able to recover them.


Who can benefit from leasing?

You’re self-employed, you lead a micro-enterprise startup, or you lead a large company? Our team can guide you toward the leasing solution most beneficial to your company. 


Credit application

Applying for a lease is very simple and fast. Contact us today for a pre-approval!





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