Range limiting device installed on a Kubota KX080-4 mini-excavator

Installation of a MEGA Range limiting device on a Kubota KX080-4


The MEGA 6000 range limiting device now incorporates CANBUS technology, which allows us to use 360 degree angle sensors, more reliable, more robust and easier to install!

The installation was made by « Groupe Alltech »; authorized distributor for greater Montreal, Laval, Montérégie, Laurentides, Lanaudière and Mauricie (Qc, Canada)










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Alltech Group has established a distribution network which insures local services in particular regions. With many distributors across eastern Canada, the Alltech Group puts at your disposal a real network allowing you to ensure service no matter where you are located. Our distributors have highly qualified staff which are trained according to our standards enabling them to perform installations and service calls , as much on the construction sites as within your company.

The experience of each distributor generates our strength of our network . Together we formed a team that is at your service! 




MEGA range limiting device: 


The range limiting device is a safety device and assistance for equipment operators. It is a monitoring device which supplies the operator precise indication on the positioning of the machine in respect to environmental obstacles which will protect the operator.

It therefore limits the risk of the machine to come into contact with environmental obstacles (Electrical wires, walls, ceilings, etc.).



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