Weighing directly during material handling


The PFREUNDT excavator scale for all freely swinging load can easily be retrofitted to all manufacturer types. This enables a fast and accurate loading of means of transport in the work process and accelerates the logistical process.



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  • Highly precise weighing technology for use under the toughest conditions
  • Simple and intuitive operation through touch display
  • Comprehensive and customizable master and weighing data management
  • The weighing data are quickly available even with a high number of short load cycles
  • Practical hinge arrangement
  • Maximum freedom of movement of the machine is fully maintained


System option

  • pPrinter (tickets)
  • Thermal printer (paper roll)
  • Foot switch
  • Joystick connection
  • Quick disconnect
  • Plug connectors
  • PFREUNDT Web portal connection Your weighing data: Accessible. Any time. Anywhere.


Technical specifications








Imprimante pPrinter:

The use of a printer is indispensable wherever record keeping takes place via the scale. With the patented PFREUNDT printer developed specially for use in harsh environments, weighing tickets – also with copies – can be printed immediately. Individually designed, representative weighing tickets can also be used. The compact printer is directly connected to the weighing unit – a space-saving and work-alleviating feature. The efficient printing principle without ink ribbon is insensitive to dust, heat and moisture and has been used successfully for 25 years.



Imprimante Thermique:

The thermal printer is connected to the scale via Bluetooth. It is used with roller printing.



Weighing tickets & Ticket box

Print weighing tickets – standard type or individually designed, representative weighing cards – with copies on the rugged pPrinter. Use the practical weighing card box to professionally store your weighing cards. It is even possible to customize the coupons with the customer’s logo (special order).


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Data extension

From our basic model to our top-of-the-line product, we offer the device with the optimum features for the needs of every operation. It is possible to extend your data, ie:

  • Master data (Customer, Material, vehicle, etc.)
  • Bucket weighing data (Number for the loadingt, date & time, Total load,etc.)
  • User administration
  • Additional attachments



Portail Web


Your weighing data: Accessible. Any time. Anywhere.


  • Maximum accessibility to your data via the Internet
  • The highest level of security through encrypted data exchange
  • High level of data security using modern server technology in certified computer centers
  • Individual evaluation functions
  • Modern interfaces for use in your own systems
  • Immediately accessible
  • Flexibilité élevée – modifiable selon les souhaits du client
  • • PFREUNDT Hotline Support


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Modem for data exchange

Weighing and basic data can be exchanged between weigher and PC via GSM modem or radio.



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