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For simple, precise and effective weighing, the WK60 series is available in various versions, such as WK60-XS, WK60-S and WK60. All versions already offer a wide range of options in the basic configuration and thanks to the many additional features they can be adapted to special requirements and operating procedures




  • Highly precise weighing technology for use under the toughest conditions
  • Dynamic weighing in the work process for a
  • faster and more accurate loading
  • Simple and intuitive operation through touch display
  • Extensive and adaptable master and weighing data management
  • Installation or retrofitting in various manufacturer vehicles is possible without any problems


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 Technical specifications


The Pfreundt WK60 series is offered in 3 models for wheel loaders 



New Pfreundt kits are now ALL equipped with SWT technology (Speed Weight Technology)  


SWT technology uses one or two 3D Inertial Angle Sensor(s) (IMU) to continuously monitor boom position while accounting for the angle of the ground while the machine is in motion . By compensating for lifting speed and ground angle we get the most accurate weighing possible. SWT kits are available in 2 models: 


  • Simple Scale (1 SWT sensor) 
    • Dynamic weighing system for use on flat or slightly uneven ground 


  • Advanced Scale (2 SWT sensors) 
    • Dynamic weighing system for uneven terrain, adjustment according to slopes, different movements of the machine and compensates for sudden gestures of the operator that can influence accuracy 







The use of a printer is indispensable wherever record keeping takes place via the scale. With the patented PFREUNDT printer developed specially for use in harsh environments, weighing tickets – also with copies – can be printed immediately. Individually designed, representative weighing tickets can also be used. The efficient printing principle without ink ribbon is insensitive to dust, heat and moisture and has been used successfully for 25 years.



Thermal printer:

The thermal printer is directly linked to the weighing unit. Connected to the scale via Bluetooth, it is used with a roller printing. It is very compact, which saves space and makes work easier.



Data extension

From our basic model to our top-of-the-line product, we offer the device with the optimum features for the needs of every operation. It is possible to extend your data, ie:

  • Master data (Customer, Material, vehicle, etc.)
  • Bucket weighing data (Number for the loadingt, date & time, Total load,etc.)
  • User administration
  • Additional attachments



Portail Web



Your weighing data: Accessible. Any time. Anywhere.


  • Maximum accessibility to your data via the Internet
  • The highest level of security through encrypted data exchange
  • High level of data security using modern server technology in certified computer centers
  • Individual evaluation functions
  • Modern interfaces for use in your own systems
  • Immediately accessible
  • Flexibilité élevée – modifiable selon les souhaits du client
  • PFREUNDT Hotline Support



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