WK60 Series Pfreundt weighing technology:

The right solution for every kind of weighing

The core element is the WK60 series, which ensures easy, precise and effective weighing. All versions have extensive options already with the standard features: That makes it easier than you though to get started with digitization of your operating processes. All the scales of the WK60 series are equipped with WLAN for processing your weighing data and can therefore also be connected to your ERP system through the PFREUNDT Web Portal.


PFREUNDT Scale - WK60 Series 


PFREUNDT plans, develops and sells calibratable mobile weighing systems including systems and corresponding data transmission software for companies in the mining, waste disposal and recycling, agriculture and heavy industry. As the founder of mobile weighing systems, the company has been the global market innovation leader for over 40 years.



These rugged systems are designed for reliable and precise operation in harsh environments in continuous duty.

Flexibility: Wherever you load, the scale is at hand.

  • From our basic model to our top-of-the-line product, we offer the device with the optimum features for the needs of every operation.
  • The high precision and speed of our weighing systems enable greater sales quantities and faster processing.
  • The systems are incredibly easy to install – and can be retrofitted at any time.
  • Your employees will find the system extremely easy to learn – in their own individual language version.
  • Data are entered using an intuitive touch display and administered securely and conveniently on our Web portal.
  • With fewer trips to stationary scales, you can reduce your CO2 footprint and make your business more environmentally friendly.
  • Our devices operate independently of vehicle make, putting no restrictions on your decision-making.






  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy data exchange


  • Quality certified global market leader
  • Qualified on-site service


  • Dynamic weighing while loading
  • Precise and fast




NEW! PFREUNDT WK60 SWT is available! 


PFREUNDT Speed Weigh Technology


The quickest way to weigh. Weigh, don‘t wait!

The Speed Weigh Technology is a novel measuring principle to simplify and accelerate methods of working in practice. Digital angle sensors allow existing measuring ranges to be extended.


Weights will show after brief lifting.

In addition, the PFREUNDT Speed Weigh Technology is much more stable for all terrains and less subject to pressure fluctuations. The system is suited for use on wheel loaders, also with hydraulic parallel guidance or boost cylinders, and on telescopic handlers.



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