Automatic lubrication system

The ALLFETT greasing system protects your equipment; it insures continuous greasing on all points at regular intervals. Lack of grease, heavy loads, dust and water prematurely wears out your moving parts of the machine. Our systems offer performance, reliability and efficiency.

ALLFETT systems keeps an eye on your investment in reducing maintenance costs of your fleet, and increases the life span which permits to save on considerable time.


Versatile system which is personalized very easily to all applications.


ALL-1 & ALL-10 (VDC Series)

Progressive lubrication system

Ideal for small, medium and large size machines of many sectors. Can also be used for small industrial machines.


ALL-1 & ALL-10 (VAC Series)

Progressive lubrication system

Ideal for medium to large size industrial machines of many sectors which require a regular amount of grease.


ALL-25 & ALL-300

Industrial progressive lubrication system

Because of their size and grease flow capacity, industrial pumps are generally used in factories or manufacturing plants. They can supply grease to stations that are at an impressive distance without loosing their flow capacity and working pressure.



The Allfett progressive lubrication system offers a maximal performance and flexibility. It is a versatile system thus very easily personalized. There modular system and the multiple choices of pumps offer a variety of configurations which adapt to all applications.

Our company benefits of a great knowledge in lubrication system installation. Our consultants are able to guide you to the correct system which meets your needs for your equipment along with the working environment. Our goal is to make you save time and money in insuring an efficient lubrication on your equipment. 

The Alltech group offers a personalized solution to all industrial sectors. Our solutions would simply allow you to maintain your equipment to an optimal, efficient and reliable state.


ALLFETT greasing systems:

Keeps an eye on your investment

Reduce maintenance costs on your fleet

Increase the lifespan of parts

Save on time, lubricant and considerable maintenance costs.



The advantages of automatic lubrication

  • Longer lasting components are the top advantages. The potential savings through the increase lifespan of the components and an increase of productivity along with a more efficient consumption of grease will insure you a return on your investment.
  • Insures a continuous lubrication at regular intervals
  • Each point receives a precise amount of lubricant corresponding to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Constantly maintains ideal level of lubricant on all points (seals joints against contamination and dust).
  • Permits to save significantly on grease up to 50% compared to greasing manually (Contributes to protecting the environment).
  • Maximize performance in eliminating lost time due to shut down for maintenance and repair.
  • No greasing points are forgotten or neglected, especially the points that are difficult to reach.
  • Insures a complete lubrication of the machine.
  • Increases the life span of the parts linked to the system compared to a manual lubrication.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and repair costs.
  • Increases the resale value of the equipment.


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