A2 - Automatic greasing mounted on Hydraulic HAMMER 


The Alltech A2 pump protects your hydraulic hammer by providing continuous lubrication while the hammer is running! Lack of grease, heavy loads, dust and water washouts prematurely wear out your moving parts. 




  • Continuous lubrication, while the hammer is working.
  • Better productivity
  • Eliminate/reduce downtime due to maintenance shutdowns.
  • Parts and equipment last longer.
  • Allows significant lubricant savings.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.


Grease used: Hammer grease EP-2 (HHG-142)


Features and Benefits :

  • Calcium Sulfonate Thickener
  • Contains 14% COPPER and GRAPHITE
  • Provides protection up to a temperature of 1100°C
  • Exceptional extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent water resistance


Sizes Available:

  • 400gr cartridges
  • 400gr cartridges
  • Barrel 18kg
  • Made in Canada


Applications :

  • Lubrication of hydraulic hammer or any other tool where high impact sliding or oscillating conditions prevail.



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