Single-line lubricators

Single line-lubricators are designed for use in hazardous locations.The Alltech Group has a vast range of ATS single line lubricators adapted to various environments.

Designed to feed one bearing or lubrication point, our single-point lubricators can be fitted either directly onto the bearing or machinery, or mounted remotely.



Self-contained automatic lubrication solutions for every application.

Electro Series

Gas-driven lubricant dispenser - 50 PSI

The ELECTRO series uses an electro-chemical reactor cell which converts electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen gas.

Ultimate Series

Motor-driven lubricant dispenser - 900PSI

The ULTIMATE LUBER™ is a powerful, motor-driven automatic lubricator which is refillable using standard grease guns. Its microprocessor controlled, energy efficient motor delivers grease to a fixed displacement pump which produces pressures up to 900psi.

Jack Series 

Motor-driven lubricant dispenser - 200PSI 

The JACK LUBER is the most versatile product in the ATS product line.


The Alltech Group has a vast range of single-line lubricator ATS adapted to various environments. Single-line lubricator can apply to a wide range of applications.

ATS systems keeps an eye on your investment in reducing maintenance costs of your fleet, and increases the life span which permits to save on considerable time.


A good lubrication is essential for preventative maintenance of your equipment. Lubrication on regular based maintain grease film on each point. Therefore, grease is constantly present on lubrication points maintaining a grease seal to block contaminants from potentially entering a pin or bushing. 


The obstacles of manual lubrication

  • Production applications. 
  • Regularity and reliability of the operator to lubricate.
  • Service truck planning (logistic).
  • The operator's security (slippery machine, inaccessible points).
  • Machinery stopping frequently. 

The advantages of automatic lubrication

  • Longer lasting components are the top advantages. The potential savings through the increase lifespan of the components and an increase of productivity along with a more efficient consumption of grease will insure you a return on investment.
  • Constantly maintains ideal level of lubricant on all points (seals joints against contamination and dust).
  • Maximize performance in eliminating lost time due to shut down for maintenance and repair.
  • Increases the life span of the parts linked to the system compared to a manual lubrication.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and repair costs. 


Don't wait until problems occur!

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