NBS-CAM - Avoid vehicle blind spots 

Backup camera & radar detection systems designed for heavy machinery.


NBS systems improving safety around industrial vehicles. It supplies a precise vision of the environment to the driver. NBS is specially designed, tested and proven for heavy equipment.



Avoid blind spots

NBS-Cam Wireless HD (720P)

Wireless HD camera system (720P)

The HD wireless range is recommended for applications where cables are difficult or impossible to install (ex: forklift). The installation is then simplified.  

NBS-Cam HD (1080P) 

High-definition camera system (1080P)

The high-definition range offers a higher quality image. Indeed, with a resolution of 1080P, NBS HD cameras offer better image definition.  

NBS-Cam Radar

Radar detection system

Collision avoidance system to prevent collisions between machinery and objects / pedestrians. It is mainly used on heavy equipment and commercial vehicles. It provides a visual and audible alert to operators to avoid any potential danger. 

NBS-Cam 360°

360° Camera system

NBS panoramic vision system provides clear rear, front and side view of your driving simultaneously. It provides a true surround vision of driving with 1080P HD image. It is specially designed for trucks, buses, heavy vehicles and much more.

NBS-Cam Detect

Pedestrian detection system (AI Camera)

NBS AI100 Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera adopts deep learning technology to detect pedestrians in front of the vehicle, on the side and behind the vehicle in real time, so as to warn drivers of potential risks of collision with pedestrians, and improve the driving safety!


Self-adjusting white noise 82-102 decibels Back-up alarm

With white noise/wideband NBS alarms, sound automatically adjusts 5-10db above ambient noise


Warning LED light

The use of LED lights on heavy vehicles makes it easy to identify areas at risk of collision with objects or even pedestrians when the vehicle is in motion.


Backup camera & radar detection systems designed for heavy machinery


Strengthen security

Blind spots represent a great hazard for workers because there are zones that do not appear in the field of vision of the driver.

Restricted vision due to blind spots is the main cause of major and deadly accidents on the work site. A camera system eliminates blind spots for the driver. It is a valuable tool to help the drivers vigilance.


Reduces repair and maintenance costs

Many operators have confirmed that when backing up a loader they are unable to see anything behind them even with the rear view mirror.

Mining trucks functioning in reverse in a blasting zone could avoid sharp rocks which easily damages tires and costs thousands of dollars to replace.


Increase productivity

Certain zones of the vehicle are not visible to the operator while carrying out work. An installation of a wireless camera on the chute of a combine harvester permits the operator to see the level of grain in the trailer, therefore optimizing production.

In addition, the installation of a wireless camera on top of the crusher permits the operator of the loader or shovel to see if there are blockages at that very moment without exiting there machine to see what is going on thus saving time and increasing safety!

Increasing the visibility of the work zone allows the operator to be more productive! 


NBS - Avoid blind spots!


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