Exclusive supplier of production and safety tools

for heavy machinery, on-road/off-road, and industrial sectors










Exclusive supplier of production and safety tools

for heavy machinery, on-road/off-road, and industrial sectors


Production tools


Automatic lubrication systems

Assures a continuous lubrication at fixed intervals to all greasing points.

Weighing system

On board weighing system with touch display. Allows an easy and precise on-the-spot weighing.

Tire sealant

OKO Puncture Free eliminates puncture by sealing them the moment they happen

Laser guidance

The Guidance Laser uses an ultra-high visibility green laser to establish visual line control .



Security tools


Range limiting device

Designed to program a height limit and a rotation limit (left, right). Depth indicator and Multi-angle (2) available

Backup camera

Designed for heavy machinery, NBS cameras diminishes restricted vision and serious accidents for the operator.

360° Camera system

Panoramic camera system that provides a true surround vision of driving with 1080P HD image.

Pedestrian detection system (AI Camera)

Intelligent pedestrian detection camera that adopts deep learning technology (DEEP Learning) to detect pedestrians in real time

Self-adjusting white noise Back-up alarm

Reversing alarms are intended to alert people near vehicles when they step back. They prevent serious and even fatal accidents.

Radar detection system

High frequency radar technology 77GHz to detect object.

Collision avoidance system (Smart 3D vision)

Intelligent on-board camera which helps to prevent collisions between construction machinery and pedestrians/object. To enable real time detection of pedestrian!

Safety device for dump truck & trailer

Warning system for raised dumper & trailers & Security system which prevents overturning


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We are presently seeking serious partners with experience; enthusiasm and willing to build there own company with a strong emphasis on customer service. A limited number of distributor licenses is established to develop the desired strategic model for the Alltech Group.




Range limiting device installed on a Caterpillar 349F excavator
IMAGE Wednesday, 27 July 2022
Installation of a MEGA Range limiting device on a Caterpillar 349F excavator   The Mega systems are conforming to the security code act for the...
Construction holidays
IMAGE Friday, 22 July 2022
Happy holidays to all our customers and partners!⛱         Please note that our offices will be OPEN during the construction holiday: Week of...
NBS AI100 Pedestrian detection system installed on a Liebherr L546P loader
IMAGE Wednesday, 20 July 2022
Installation of a NBS AI100 Pedestrian detection system installed on a Liebherr L546P   NBS AI100 intelligent pedestrian detection camera adopts...
Pfreundt On-board scale installed on a Komatsu WA320 loader
IMAGE Friday, 15 July 2022
Installation of a Pfreundt onboard weighing system on a Komatsu WA320 loader.   The Pfreundt scale offers an accuracy of 0 +/- 1%.  The...
Caterpillar MH3040 material handling equipped with an Allfett lubrication system.
IMAGE Friday, 08 July 2022
Installation of an Allfett lubrication system on a Caterpillar MH3040 material handling   The installation was made by « Groupes S.T.L. »;...


5 Key elements to a good lubrication program
IMAGE Wednesday, 27 July 2022
(Repost) Did you know? On average, the purchasing of lubricants represents a minimal part of your maintenance expenses. As a matter of fact, the...
Did you know? The Alltech Group offers custom repair kits?
IMAGE Wednesday, 06 July 2022
Large inventory in Montreal!   Did you know? The Alltech Group has a large inventory of parts, hoses and accessories for lubrication systems for all...
Proven tire sealant for mining, quarrying, construction, heavy and on road vehicles
IMAGE Tuesday, 21 June 2022
  Reducing costs is a top priority for operators of large vehicles and a puncture can lead to big problems. Vehicles are a key element of business...
Inspection of your greasing system!
IMAGE Wednesday, 25 May 2022
The inspection of a lubrication system has 2 parts.    Step 1: Daily summary inspection   First, a summary visual inspection should be made on a...
DID YOU KNOW? All operators who work with a range limiting device must have received adequate training on this device!
IMAGE Wednesday, 18 May 2022
If you ask your operators to program the range limiting device, will they be able to do it without a problem?   This is the question that a CNESST...


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