Thaw period

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Each spring, the Ministry of Transport determines the dates of the thaw period for the three areas that make up the province.

During spring thaw, the road is more fragile than normal. Only one vehicle overload can cause him serious damage. By cons, a small decrease in costs significantly reduces the damage to the roadway. That's why loads of restrictions are imposed on heavy vehicles during a thaw. The thaw period is determined as a result of monitoring the progress of the thaw in the roadway.


Target customers

Users, owners and drivers of heavy vehicles, shippers and transportation intermediaries.


Dates for the thaw period


Zone 1

From Monday 27 February (00 h 01) to Friday 28 April (23 h 59)


Zone 2

From Monday, 6 March (00 h 01) to Friday 5 May (23 h 59)


Zone 3

From Monday, March 13 (00 h 01) to Friday, May 12 (11:59 pm)



Depending on changing weather conditions, the start and end of the load thaw period may be delayed or delayed.



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Since you are limited to transporting your equipment, why not take advantage of it to maintain your equipment? Our team moves to construction sites to inspect your systems.


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