LASERLINE - Get ready for this harsh winter!

While the autumn promises to be extreme, a preliminary analysis of our meteorological service suggests a winter 2019-2020 colder than usual.


This winter be more productive with the Laserline system.





Reduce your cost! 

The laser guidance system cuts damage caused by plow strikes by 80 to 100% and the high cost associated with it.


The laser reference spot is on the road and in the driver’s normal field of view. Driving conditions using the laser; the worse it gets, the better it works! The GL3000PMC Guidance Laser uses an “ultra-bright” green laser to establish wing plow trailing edge location before you get there.  


Avoid tearing road barriers, sidewalks, mail boxes etc. The laser spot impacts on the road/snow surface ahead of the truck and shows the driver where the wing plow trailing edge will be.



Laserline - The safer way to plow!



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